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    October 1, 2015           BOOKLIST

Spotlight on Food
Top 10 Food Books
Read-alikes: Sous-chefs    in the Making
Spotlight on Series Nonfiction
Top 10 Science-Project    Series
Science Projects in Series    Nonfiction

At Leisure with Joyce    Saricks: Psychological    Suspense, Horror's    Disturbing Sibling
Books by Booklist    Authors: Daniel Kraus'    The Death and Life of    Zebulon Finch, v. 1: At    the Edge of Empire
The Back Page: Food on    the Page
High-Demand Hot List for    Youth
High-Demand Hot List


Great Reads: National    Reading Group Month,    2015
The Things They    Narrated: War on Audio
Great Reads: Stories    within Stories
AASL National Conference    Preview: Author!    Author!
Great Reads: Living with    Death
Carnegie Medal Read-    Alikes, 2015: The Fiction    Shortlist
Carnegie Medal Read-    Alikes, 2015: The    Nonfiction Shortlist
Shortlist Announced for    the 2015 Andrew    Carnegie Medals for    Fiction and Nonfiction
Great Reads: Picturing    Poetry
Dancing in the Dark:    Recent YA Ballet Books
Great Reads: These Novels    Are Graphic
Great Reads: Great BIG    Reads
Great Reads: A Dark    Harvest for Kansas Day
Great Reads: What Do You    Resolve to Read this    Year?

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September 2015

September 2015 Issue
Classroom Star

Common Core Resources

Review Of The Day
Carry On
By Rainbow Rowell

It’s Simon Snow’s last year at the Watford School of Magicks, and it’s not going as planned. His magic, always unstable, has been even more unpredictable, which is bad news with the magical world’s most infamous bad guy after him.

    >>Read More

column_back-page The Back Page: Food on the Page
By Bill Ott

I’m sad to report that readers’ advisors across the land—in their never-ending search to determine if a book’s appeal stems from pacing, characters, language, or tone—seem to have forgotten one very important factor: taste. Sure, the reader who is searching for dinner can always pick up a cookbook, but what about that other reader, the one who isn’t looking for a meal but who likes his or her fiction or narrative nonfiction to include the occasional mouthwatering description of food or a memorable rumination on matters gastronomic?

read-alikes_Sous-chefs Read-alikes: Sous-chefs in the Making
By Sarah Hunter

Cooking is a fantastic way for kids to explore other cultures and learn practical skills to foster independence—but it’s also a great way for them to pitch in around the house. Before you turn your teens and tweens loose on the kitchen, however, make sure they have the basics down. These six titles provide tips for handy techniques, guidelines for understanding recipes, and some simple, healthful dishes to try. Now, if they could only manage to wash the dishes . . .

top10-food Top 10 Food Books: 2015
By Brad Hooper

Books about food aren’t limited to traditional cookbooks, as shown by this splendid array of books about food, reviewed in Booklist from October 1, 2014, to September 15, 2015.

America—Farm to Table: Simple, Delicious Recipes Celebrating Local Farmers. By Mario Batali and Jim Webster. 2014. Grand Central, $35 (9781455584680).

top10-road-trips Top 10 Road Trips on Audio
By Pam Spencer Holley and Joyce Saricks

Road trips offer the perfect opportunity to listen to audiobooks, but why stop there? How about audios about road trips of various kinds? A perfect blending of art and life.

Away. By Amy Bloom. Read by Barbara Rosenblat. 2007. 9.5hr. HighBridge, CD, $34.95 (9781598875218).

another-look-at_Twilight Another Look at: Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight
By Daniel Kraus

There are few in the book world—including publishers, editors, authors, reviewers, and readers—who haven’t disparaged Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight at some point in the 10 years since it debuted, myself included. Let’s run through the charges. It swallowed the sun that might have shone upon more deserving books. It spawned lousy imitators we’re still scraping from our veins like bad cholesterol. Adults’ obsession with it typified the slump of American intellectualism.

core-small-town Core Collection: Small-Town Romance
By John Charles

For the last decade, contemporary romance novels set in small towns such as Black Dog Bay, the location for Beth Kendrick’s Put a Ring On It, have been a hit with readers, who love being able to visit a place where everyone seems to know and care about each other. This close-knit communal feeling is one of the major appeal factors of small-town romance series.

booklist-authors-lucy Books by Booklist Authors: Ilene Cooper’s Lucy’s Holiday Surprise
By Daniel Kraus

Fifteen years ago, Lucy—“a brown-and-white beagle with black spots and eyes the color of chocolates kisses”—was born. Dogs, of course, live criminally short lives, but not this one: Lucy may be 15, but in the world of the Absolutely Lucy series, by Booklist Contributing Editor Ilene Cooper, she’s still a puppy and always will be.

another-look-at_Hemingway Another Look At: Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast
By Brad Hooper

Woody Allen’s 2011 film Midnight in Paris received rounds of applause for its magical transport of the main character—and the audience—from the streets of contemporary Paris back to the heart of the legendary, exciting, nostalgia-clouded Paris of the 1920s, when the City of Light played host to a wondrous group of ex-pat writers, artists, and performers.

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