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  December 1, 2015           BOOKLIST

Spotlight on Science & Health
Top 10 Science & Health    Books
Core Collection: Our    Brains, Ourselves
Top 10 Science & Health    Books for Youth
Core Collection:    Infectious Diseases,    Facts and Fiction
Top 10 Science & Health    Audiobooks

High Demand Hot List for    Youth
At Leisure: Listening


Great Reads: National    Reading Group Month,    2015
The Things They    Narrated: War on Audio
Great Reads: Stories    within Stories
AASL National Conference    Preview: Author!    Author!
Great Reads: Living with    Death
Carnegie Medal Read-    Alikes, 2015: The Fiction    Shortlist
Carnegie Medal Read-    Alikes, 2015: The    Nonfiction Shortlist
Shortlist Announced for    the 2015 Andrew    Carnegie Medals for    Fiction and Nonfiction

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November 2015

November 2015 Issue
Classroom Star

Common Core Resources

Review Of The Day
By Bruce Watson

Watson is an excellent writer, and if this book doesn’t become the popular primer on its subject for quite some time, we’ll have to call out the conspiracy theorists to explain. Bookended by visits to those modern-day gawker-magnets, Stonehenge and Newgrange, the story he tells is a thread spun of the three strands of religion and philosophy, art, and science.

    >>Read More

he-reads_she-reads He Reads: Cult Classics
By David Wright

Nonconformist Must-Reads

Ah, cult classics. These are the books whose titles come to us scrawled on the back of a matchbook cover, passed along in fervent recommendations yelled at parties or in bars. People don’t so much suggest you read these titles as insist you do, often with more than a hint of peer pressure: “How can you not have read American Psycho, man?!”

column_back-page The Back Page: Fifty Shades of the Bible
By Ilene Cooper

[Editor’s note: yes, that’s my picture up there, but, no, I did not write this column. Here’s why: I had no religious education whatsoever and know almost nothing about the Bible. My parents weren’t particularly religious, but I take full responsibility for what many would call my failings in this regard. Matters of belief aside, as an English major, I really should have realized the importance of biblical stories in world literature and done a little homework.

read-alikes_meditative Read-alikes: Meditative Picture Books
By Sarah Hunter

Religions often provide a framework for addressing death, from dealing with grief to conceptualizing an afterlife to considering what it all means. Picture books address this, too, though often in more oblique terms, offering the youngest set an opportunity to think about the great beyond. The following titles explore death and its ramifications, all in approachable packages—some lighthearted, some achingly serious—ideal for curious, contemplative children.

top10-Inspirational Top 10 Inspirational Fiction: 2015
By Donna Seaman

Questions of family, love, commitment, and responsibility are dramatized with sensitivity, humor, and suspense in the best inspirational novels reviewed in Booklist between November 15, 2014, and November 1, 2015.

After a Fashion. By Jen Turano. 2015. Bethany, paper, $14.99 (9780764212758).

Core-Religious-Fiction Core Collection: Challenging Religious Fiction for Youth
By Ilene Cooper

As Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan wrote recently in The Booklist Reader, the #WeNeedDiverseBooks hashtag should also include religion titles. Our annual Religion and Spirituality issue makes it clear that novels on the subject aren’t in abundance. Nevertheless, the last decade has produced some outstanding, challenging books that deal with the subject with intelligence, sensitivity, and power—provided the reader is ready to get serious.

top10-Religion-youth Top 10 Religion and Spirituality Books for Youth: 2015
By Ilene Cooper

Most of this year’s top 10 books deal with the difficulties of dealing with God, or his (sometimes supposed) representatives. But there is plenty of joy to be found here as well.

Devoted. By Jennifer Mathieu. 2015. Roaring Brook, $16.99 (9781595439115). Gr. 7–10.

top10-Religion Top 10 Religion and Spirituality Books: 2015
By Ilene Cooper

Ranging from Augustine to Pope Francis, ancient atheism to American utopianism, these titles were reviewed in Booklist from November 15, 2014, to November 1, 2015.

Augustine: Conversions to Confessions. By Robin Lane Fox. 2015. Basic, $35 (9780465022274).

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