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    October 1, 2014          BOOKLIST

Spotlight on Food
Top 10 Food Books
Read-Alikes: Tea for Two    and Many More
At Leisure With Joyce    Saricks: RA for Foodies
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Finance in Series    Nonfiction
Top 10 Financial Series
Librarianship Through    The Ages: Mary Ellen    Quinn's Historical    Dictionary of    Librarianship
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High Demand Hot List for    Youth


Great Reads: Great Group    Reads, 2014
Celebrate Banned Books    Week With Graphic    Novels
Great Reads: Sports    Without Balls
Great Reads: Stay Inside!
Donna Tartt and Doris    Kearns Goodwin Win    Andrew Carnegie    Medals for Excellence in    Fiction and Nonfiction
Great Listens: Authors    Who Read Themselves
Great Reads: Lost Vegas
Fast Reads: 5 Crime    Novels about Getaway    Drivers
Politico Thrillers: 8    Washington Insiders    Who'd Rather Be Writing
Murder Castles and Urban    Infernos: 7 Historical    Mysteries Set in    Nineteenth-Century    Cities
Art Noir: 12 Graphic    Novels Where Crime Is    Shaded Gray

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September 2014

September 2014 Issue
Classroom Star

Common Core Resources

Review Of The Day
By Howard Jacobson

The latest novel from Jacobson (The Finkler Question, 2010) is set in the not-too-distant future, around 50 years after a genocide referred to only as “WHAT HAPPENED, IF IT HAPPENED.”

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great-reads Great Reads: Great Group Reads, 2014

From the intimate dynamics of family and personal relationships to major cultural and world issues, timely and provocative topics are represented by the 20 titles below, chosen as the Great Group Reads 2014 for National Reading Group Month (an initiative of the Women’s National Book Association). The Booklist Reader and its Book Group Buzz content have been chosen partners of the initiative since its inception.

column_back-page The Back Page: Drivel
By Bill Ott

The first thing I thought when I saw a book with the title Drivel sitting on my desk was, “There’s a Back Page in that.” My conviction became even stronger when I read the subtitle: Deliciously Bad Writing by Your Favorite Authors. It’s a rare thing for a perennially idea-starved columnist like me to receive this kind of gift from the universe. Naturally, I plunged right into the book, anticipating a cornucopia of drivel from the pens of famous authors asking to become the butts of my jokes.

travel-guide-roundup Fall Travel Guide Roundup: 2014
By Brad Hooper

Let’s not even think about planes falling from the sky. Let’s concentrate on the many wonderful places to travel this fall. With that in mind, we present our semiannual travel guide roundup of the best titles that were published between April 15, 2014, and September 1, 2014.

Eyewitness Travel Guides (DK, paper).

California. $30 (9781465412126).

Caribbean. $30 (9781465412119).

Costa Rica. $25 (9781465412157).

talking-with_farizan Talking With: Sara Farizan
By Sarah Hunter

In Sara Farizan’s impressive debut, If You Could Be Mine (2013), Sahar, a young lesbian in Iran, considers gender reassignment surgery in a desperate gambit to legally marry her best friend. Farizan’s sophomore effort, Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel, reviewed below, again explores lesbian characters in Persian culture but in a contemporary American setting.

cc_gay-romance Core Collection: Gay and Lesbian Romance Novels
By Pat Henshaw and Donna Seaman

The foundational premise of the romance genre is that true love will repeatedly face adversity, only to triumph over every trial and tribulation. Romance writers have imagined all kinds of baffling and obdurate opposition, from the protagonists’ distrust of sexual chemistry and fear of commitment, to family objections and social condemnation due to the lovers’ differing economic class, race, ethnicity, or religion.

transgender-teens-and-romance Transgender Teens and Romance
By Michael Cart

It was a story the media found irresistible: two transgender teens—Katie Rain Hill, an MTF transgender, and Arin Andrews, an FTM transgender—from small Oklahoma towns met against all odds and fell in love. Katie was the first to attract attention when a Tulsa newspaper did an article on her, but both teens sprang to national celebrity when the TV program Inside Edition subsequently did a feature on them. By this time, they were represented by a British media content company, and, inevitably, other media appearances followed.


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